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A lot of conjectural info was added to teh article like Tagge's first name and the statement that he escaped from the Death Star at the end of Episode IV. What is the source of this? Also, there are several broken templates for "vehicle" and "weapon" which should be removed. What is the source for this new info? -Husnock 13:23, 24 May 2005 (UTC)

The source is [here]. In sum, Tarkin had ordered Tagge to investigate Dantooine after Alderaan was destroyed, and Tagge was not on board when the Death Star blew.


i spotted a few errors in this, most notably his rank. i have never seen him called "high general" in any sources, simply general. the official site only refers to him as general tagge also. the line relating to episode 3 is in error too, the emperor requests captain kagi, not tagge. and i have seen ulric listed as his first name, but i think there was a recent star wars rpg book that said his real name is cassio tagge, and that ulric is one of his brothers (i think he was featured in the marvel comics). there is also no proof that he survived the death star, so i think this article needs some reworking... Shane613 05:25, 22 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Personally I never understood why everyone seems so intent on saying there were two General Tagges, one who died at Yavin and then the one in the comics. I honestly always assumed they were one and the same. If anything, the Expanded Universe notwithstanding, I've always belived that both Tagge and Chief Bast managed to get off the Death Star before it got destroyed. They both suspected (and in Bast's case, knew) there was a danger, and after Tarkin's arrogant and foolhardy decision not to evacuate fast I see no reason why the both of them didn't get the heck out Dodge while the getting was good. - Kooshmeister

Ulric and Cassio Tagge are different characters. Cassio Tagge is the general seen in the first film, according to Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds, and he was killed aboard the station. His youngest brother Ulric Tagge is the general seen in the Marvel series. Cassio Tagge did not escape from the Death Star, and it is quite unambiguous that he is not the general seen in the Marvel series (note, for example, that the Marvel series never once makes mention of Ulric having survived the Death Star). Publius 20:15, 28 August 2005 (UTC)

Okay, but different characters since when? Because until they invented the name "Cassio", it remained a distinct possibility that he and Ulric were one and the same. Although they never say Ulric survived the Death Star in the comics, they never say anything about him having lost his brother Cassio either, something you think would be pretty important (and they are supposed to be brothers, last I checked). I'm convinced this is because at the time the House of Tagge story arc was written, Cassio didn't exist. Unless someone can prove that the name Cassio appeared in any publication prior to the fairly recent Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds, I'll go on believing that the two Tagges were, at one time at least, definitely supposed to be the same guy, and that the Cassio thing is retconning or whatever the term is. - Kooshmeister

Captain Tagge[edit]

You say that a "Captain Tagge" is mentioned by Palpatine in Episode III. I checked the script and the officer Palpatine mentions is Captain Kagi.- B-101 18:59, 30 August 2005 (UTC)