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Lois T. Henderson is an American author of Christian novels, many of which are dramatizations of Biblical narratives about women.[1][2]

Selected publications[edit]


  • The Holy Experiment: a Novel About the Harmonist Society (1974) ISBN 0-682-48115-7
  • Hagar: a Novel (1978). About the slave girl who bore Abraham's son. This work was a finalist for the Gold Medallion Book Award of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. ISBN 0-915684-29-2
  • Lydia: a Novel (1979). About the seller of purple who was Paul's first Christian convert in Europe. ISBN 0-915684-32-2
  • The Blessing Deer (1980). ISBN 0-89191-244-4
  • Abigail: a Novel (1980). About the second wife of King David
  • Ruth: a Novel (1981). About the woman from Moab who eventually became the wife of Boaz, a relative of King David. ISBN 0-915684-91-8
  • A Candle in the Dark (1982). ISBN 0-89191-504-4
  • Miriam: a Novel (1983). ISBN 0-06-063867-2
  • Touch of the Golden Scepter (1983). ISBN 0-85421-995-1
  • Her Contrary Heart (1984). ISBN 0-8423-1401-6
  • Priscilla and Aquila: A Novel [with Harold Ivan Smith] (1985). ISBN 0-06-063868-0


  • The Opening Doors: My Child's First Eight Years Without Sight (1954).
  • Do You Believe in Miracles (1965).
  • Another Way of Seeing (1982). ISBN 0-915684-99-3

Translated into German [3][edit]

  • Die Purpur-Händlerin von Philippi (Lydia) [Translator: KH Neumann (1985)] ISBN 3-87482-120-X Leuchter Verlag eG - D-6106 Erzhausen
  • Von Moab nach Bethlehem" (Ruth) [Bestell Nr. 20 097 vom Leuchter Verlag eG]


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