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Radio Volga (Russian: Радио Волга) was a radio station for the Soviet armed forces stationed in the former East Germany and Czechoslovakia, broadcasting mainly in Russian.[1]

Broadcasting station[edit]

Based in Potsdam, Radio Volga broadcast from the Königs Wusterhausen radio facility near Berlin, as well as the Burg AM transmitter near Magdeburg.[2]

From 1967 to 1976 Radio Volga used the 350-meter SL-3 tower, 2.2 kilometers from the transmitter. After it collapsed in 1976, one of the site's two 210-meter high steel tube masts was used instead. Radio Volga originally broadcast on the longwave frequency 283 kHz.[3]


Beside programs for the Soviet soldiers stationed in the GDR, Radio Volga also broadcast German language programmes from Radio Moscow.[4] After German reunification in 1990, transmitting time was rented to the German-language news station Radioropa Info, broadcasting on 261 kHz.[5]


Soviet Central Television's main channel, TSS-1, was also relayed in East Germany via satellite.[6]


With the departure of Russian troops from Germany, Radio Volga ceased broadcasting in June 1994.[3] Radioropa Info took over its frequency, broadcasting from late 1994 to 2000, first from Daun and then from Leipzig.[7] In 1999 a new cage aerial was mounted on the 324-meter radio mast in Burg.[8]

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