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Damn - Wikipedia is awesome. That would be really damn cool. Be my guest, by all means.

> Hello. > > I and a friend of mine got involved in a dispute about webcomics, and articles > about them, over at We decided, as Fluble fanatics (we were > lucky enough to have been freshmen during the last year's run at the BDH) > that we'd at least draft a page for hopeful inclusion on Wikipedia as a whole, > after the controversy simmered down. > > Long story short, we accidentally started one, and decided to blaze forward > rather than asking the admins to delete it. The first message we tried to send > to bounced, this is a second attempt. We'd like permission > to use some of your material: specifically, an example strip (perhaps the > Freaky French Clown Room) pictures of the characters, and as much text from > the site that you'd be willing to let us use. > > has the details: you would > be agreeing to release any materials you agree to release to Wikipedia under > the GDFL, or else to the public domain. > > Kindly let us know. >