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E2, e2, E02, E.II, e2 or E-2 may refer to:

Biology and medicine[edit]

Mathematics and technology[edit]

  • E2 (cipher), a block cipher submitted to the AES competition by NTT
  • E2 reaction, a type of organic reaction
  • Honda E2, one of the predecessors of Honda's ASIMO robot
  • Motorola ROKR E2, a smartphone
  • Tungsten E2, a business-class Palm OS-based handheld computer
  • E2, a communications channel defined in the E-carrier standard
  • Shure E2 (sometimes called E2c) canalphones
  • Everything2, a collaborative web-based community consisting of a database of interlinked user-submitted written material
  • E2 or E2 is an old name for the exceptional group G2 (mathematics)



  • "", an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise
  • e2 design, a set of episodes of e2, a series produced by the U.S. Public Broadcasting System (PBS)
  • MTV e2, a Canadian entertainment news program that airs on MTV Canada
  • E2 (TV channel), a Turkish TV channel
  • e2 by SKY PerfecTV!, a satellite television service in Japan operated by SKY Perfect




Roads and footpaths[edit]


  • HMS E2, an E-class submarine of the Royal Navy
  • USS E-2 (SS-25), an E-class submarine of the United States Navy

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