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The Esperanto Wikipedia was upgraded to the new wiki software in 2002, and has the ability to include interlanguage links. Some have already been put in, but by no means all. If you'd like to help with the process, here's a list of all pages on the English Wikipedia which include links to their Esperanto counterparts: follow the links, and if the eo page hasn't been updated, put in an en: link to the English page and any other languages which might be linked.

While you're there, please check the English articles for typos, grammatical errors, formatting errors, and other problems.

When you've confirmed that an article is soundly linked, remove it from the list. If there's a problem (page doesn't exist, it's not the same topic, etc.), move it to the "Problem links" section at the bottom of this page.

The list[edit]

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Articles in Esperanto not linking back to the English Version[edit]

These articles need to be corrected manually

  • no entry any more

Missing Articles in Esperanto[edit]