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Woolworth, Woolworth's, or Woolworths may refer to:


  • F. W. Woolworth Company, the original US-based chain of "five and dime" (5¢ and 10¢) stores
  • Woolworths Group, former operator of the Woolworths chain of shops in the UK, ceased trading and liquidated in early 2009
  • Woolworths (Ireland), originally part of F.W. Woolworth, closed in 1984
  • Woolworth GmbH, the owner of the Woolworth chain of high street shops in Germany and Austria
  • Woolworth Mexicana, originally part of F.W. Woolworth, operates a chain of small variety stores in Mexico
  • Woolworths (Cyprus), originally part of F.W. Woolworth, sold off in 1985 and subsequently split
  • Woolworths.co.uk, a defunct online retail company owned by "Shop Direct Group"

Woolworths Group and related business in Oceania[edit]

South African Woolworths Holdings Limited[edit]

  • Woolworths (South Africa), one of the largest South African retail and supermarket chain stores; named after the American F.W. Woolworth company, but unrelated


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