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Notice: (Added in July 2006) After working on Wikipedia from early May until the end of October in 2005, I am now officially an 'inactive' user. However, since then I have still occasionally made edits, often doing many in a day. As I still browse from time to time, it is natural that I would still make edits where I see them needed. Indeed, one thing that I have noticed is that they are now more varied as I am not focussing on specific areas. So expect to see me around but at the moment I doubt I'll be doing anything to the extent of what earned me that Tireless contributor barnstar.
My views
I, Celestianpower, award you the Tireless contributor barnstar for your de-stubbing of lots of Pokémon creature articles in a short space of time. Well done!
Here is a Barnstar for fabulous work on WP:PCP and all the others!

Hi all! I'm Sonic Mew, and I am a 17 year old male [citation needed] human from England [citation needed]. More specificly, I live in Hasland [citation needed], which is in Chesterfield [citation needed], which is in Derbyshire [citation needed], which is in England [citation needed], which is on the Planet Earth [citation needed], which is in the Milky Way [citation needed].

My main area at the moment is Pokémon [citation needed]. But that isn't my only area [citation needed]. My second focus is history [citation needed], (which I hope to do more on when the Pokémon articles are looking better than they are at the moment. [citation needed]) And I will do others of a miscellaneous nature [citation needed], particularly scanning new articles for where they need cleaning up [citation needed], formatting [citation needed], or even just adding a delete tag [citation needed].

Normally, I'll be around to do something on Wikipedia everyday [citation needed]. But now that I am working towards my A Levels [citation needed], so just don't expect something to the scale that got me that Barnstar right now [citation needed].

Pokémon Chronicles is the first article that I have made from scratch [citation needed], and I am quite proud of the way it is now [citation needed]. (Especially since I seem to be the only one who does any non-minor editing to it! [citation needed] ^-^) Feel free to pull it apart, if you like. [citation needed]

I got a score of 239 in the Wikipediholic Test [citation needed], and a score of 184 in the Automated Wikipediholic Test [citation needed], which means that I am addicted to Wikipedia [citation needed]. But I knew that already [citation needed] :)