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Events from the year 1813 in Canada.


Federal government[edit]



  • January 22 – General Henry Proctor's 1,300 British and natives capture 495 U.S. troops, under General Winchester.
  • February 7 – Raid on Elizabethtown.
  • March 30 – Engagement at Lacolle.
  • April 27 – Battle of York: The Americans, under Henry Dearborn, take York, but the explosion of a magazine kills many of them. Americans burn York.
  • May 5 – Battle of Fort George.
  • June 1 – The English frigate "Shannon" takes the "Chesapeake," in 15 minutes, off Boston.
  • June 3 – The "Growler" and the "Eagle," which left Plattsburg, yesterday, are taken by the British gun-boats they pursued
  • June 6 – Capture of Generals Chandler and Winder and 120 U.S. troops, at Stoney Creek, by Sgt. Alexander Fraser. The Battle of Stoney Creek is a Canadian victory.
  • June 23 or June 24 – Battle of Beaver Dams is a Canadian victory, in part due to Laura Secord's famous 32 km. walk to warn Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon, who had already been warned by Natives.
  • July 30 – The British destroy Plattsburg's barracks, and fire at Burlington, but avoid the reply.
  • September 10 – The Battle of Put-in-Bay, Lake Erie is an American victory.
  • October 5 – The Battle of Moraviantown, also known as the Battle of the Thames, is an American victory. British supporter and Shawnee Indian Chief Tecumseh is killed.
  • October 25 – The Battle of Chateauguay, with mostly French-Canadian soldiers is a Canadian victory over larger numbers of American troops.
  • October 26 – General Hampton, commanding 7,000 U.S. troops, ignorant of Col. Charles de Salaberry's experience, and expecting French desertions, divides his force. Part lose their way; the rest spend their strength in a maze of obstructions. De Salaberry gains the thanks of the commander-in-chief and of both Houses, and decoration by then Prince Regent George IV .
  • November 11 – The Battle of Crysler's Farm, with English-Canadian soldiers, is a Canadian victory over larger American troops.
  • December 19 – Col. Murray takes Fort Niagara.
  • Quebec City has a shipping year involving 198 vessels, of 46,514 tons.
  • Angus Bethune witnessed the North West Company's purchase of Fort Astoria from the Pacific Fur Company.


Full date unknown[edit]



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