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Algie (/ˈæl/ AL-jee) is a family name, originating from Jacobo Algeo, from Italy in 1420.[citation needed] He travelled to Scotland in 1453. Many Scottish Algeos descended from him later changed the name to Algie approximately six generations later, while others later changed their surname once again to Elgee.[citation needed] Some Elgees migrated to Ireland, while others eventually migrated to the United States and Canada from Scotland and Ireland.



  • Mathhew Algie (1810-1902), Scottish tea and coffee trader, founder of Matthew Algie
  • Ronald Algie (1888–1978), New Zealand lawyer and politician
  • Roy Algie (1889-1946), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Wallace Lloyd Algie (1891–1918), Canadian Victoria Cross recipient

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